Aurora Larrea

Aurora - Colonics HydrotherapistAurora has been offering Colon Hydrotherapy treatments at Miranda Naturopathic Clinic since 2006.  She is certified through the Canadian Natural Health and Healing Centre.

She has always had a passion for health services. She loves working with her patients and helping them go through what can be a life-changing experience for many when they cleanse their colon and detoxify their bodies.

She enjoys helping people and advising them on how to feel better.

She recommends colonics to most people – for different reasons – detoxification, digestive problems, and prevention.

 “It is very rewarding when I hear people say that after a few colonics not only does their digestion improve but other health issues start to get better too.” says Aurora.

It has been said by many of her clients that “She is perfect for this job”. Her gentle and motherly nature really helps all her patients feel very comfortable during the procedure. Miranda Naturopathic Clinic is delighted to have her as part of their health care team!